The Living Miracle -
Transforming Lives in the Countryside

As early as fifteen years ago, it was my dream book report writer that one day, the ordinary rural folks especially the poor and the marginalized in the countryside would benefit from a modern financial network, by linking the countryside to mainstream banking nationwide. That dream has finally come true.

Rural and thrift banks, cooperatives, loans and savings associations and micro-finance organizations are now able to provide modern mainstream banking services such as ATMs and POS, money remittance services, e-banking & e-commerce and mobile banking to their communities in the countryside, by linking their institutions to Nationlink Network.

Nationlink Network is a modern electronic banking and financial network that is designed primarily to bring mainstream banking services to the rural sectors especially in low-level municipalities where universal and commercial bank branches are absent. This would add value and complement the services of commercial banks including the improvement of the delivery of US$14 billion dollar remittances from our OFWs.

Nationlink will enable countryside enterprises to be part of the global e-commerce revolution. This will greatly accelerate the transformation of the lives of families especially of small and micro entrepreneurs of our remote towns and provinces.

A Living Miracle is now happening in the countryside as literature review in a research paper the lives of the poor and marginalized, farmers and fisher folks, families of OFWs and micro-entrepreneurs are transformed as their communities are linked to mainstream banking through Nationlink Network.

Let us work together and share The Living Miracle. Link your institution and community to mainstream banking and help transform their lives.